Eagle Hill Management Channel — A conversation with select business leaders

McLean, VA — April 18, 2011

Today, Eagle Hill launched the Eagle Hill Management Channel -- Conversations with Select Business Leaders Facing Complex Business Challenges. The Management Channel is intended to provide insights from seasoned executives on relevant and timely topics. Eagle Hill plans to release a series of videos in the upcoming months with conversations from both public and private sector leaders.

“We are thrilled to be able to share such important and practical business knowledge from some of the top executives in the world” said President of Eagle Hill, Melissa Jezior.

In the inaugural edition, Eagle Hill presents a discussion with Jack Dziak on the importance of performance measurement.

Jack Dziak is a senior business executive with two decades of experience as the chief strategy executive for several major communications companies, including Sprint and Neustar. Jack has crafted and implemented organization-wide strategic plans and understands the importance of ensuring that they are not only actionable, but also measurable.

In this video, Jack Dziak discusses the importance and key success factors of a useful performance measurement system, roadblocks to implementing an effective performance measurement system, and recommendations for organizations thinking about implementing performance measurement across their organization.

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