Eagle Hill is committed to helping our clients soar above and beyond the competition. A large part of that includes anticipating business challenges and emerging trends. Here you will find useful resources, such as white papers, videos and best practice studies, that Eagle Hill has developed to contribute to industry conversations. 

Across Generations. Change is Change. People are People.

A recent Eagle Hill survey of more than 1,000 working professionals reveals that employees of every generation need two behaviors from managers to successfully adopt change—strong leadership and effective communication. Managers that ground their approaches to managing organizational change, both big and small, in these actions are most likely to succeed.

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The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Given the strong local economy in the Washington, DC area, local employers must continuously evaluate and improve the culture and benefits of their organizations in order to attract and retain top talent. One increasingly important and successful set of tools have been programs that promote a better work-life balance for employees. Eagle Hill recently conducted a survey that found employees in the DC area are especially sensitive to changes in work-life balance, and will remain loyal to employers who give them the tools and flexibility to be successful in both their work and personal lives.
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